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Huntingdon, Tn

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We proudly introduce our new order on line feature! Please note that this is for pickup only with payment made at time of pickup. While we are learning this, we do ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience while we work out any issues that may arise during testing. 

How to use:  

Select See Menu & Order button

Select what you would like

Customize order if needed

Go to cart

(First time orders: You will need to enter in some information (Name, etc). The system will save this for the next time you order. You will however need to select which payment method you are using with each order) 

Place order

We will then get your order and start preparing it. Typically orders take about 15 minutes to be ready for pick up, however there are some times when our grill is full and it may take a bit longer. 

You can order here or via facebook by selecting the "use app" button.