The Mic Stand Traveling Pig 

Hi and welcome!

You may be curious as to how I started traveling... My name is Ike and this is my story.  

At my home, one of my favorite people got me as his very own way to order items (yes, we enjoy a good joke)  

Everyone just loved me and I became quite popular! (Surprise!)

Then one day I came up missing (Oh no !!!)

Turns out I was just on an "unauthorized vacation" and so the traveling pig began!  

There is now a calendar for my travels.  Folks stop by and sign me (or one of my fellow friend pigs) out and take us places.


We have about several of us currently out and about traveling around and having a big time!  

And all of us have individual names too: 

Ike, Dick, Fudd, J-lyn, Monk, Dozer, Weddie, Lewis, Cali-ana, Bob, Squeak, Otis, Dun-bar and many more:)   

Those that don't actually return home all have names too!  

These are for folks that can't come by and have found more of my fellow pigs in the wild world. They send us pictures of their adventures!  

It is so exciting and we look forward to the pictures of our fellow pigs out and about.  

So, have a squeaky pig? Feel free to add about their travels on our pages too! 

We only have a couple of  requests:

1) Any pictures shared are ours to use for promotional usage and by sharing your pics, we have unlimited usage of that photo.   

2) Remember that these are public postings and please don't share pigtures that are doing anything that is considered illegal, vulgar or just in poor taste. These will be deleted ASAP. And yes, we get to decide what is appropriate for our page.

You can find their travels or share yours on my instagram page:


or on our facebook page:

@huntingdonTN  or @micstandpig

​(731) 535-Food (3663)

Huntingdon, Tn